Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know i've been making lots of excuses for not updating my blog and the usual answers are busy & lazy.. Nowadays its easy to update via FB.. However, i've promised myself that i will do this post no matter what it takes..
It seems just yesterday Hafiy was borne and now he is already ONE (his birthday is on 1st December)and Hazyq is now THREE (his birthday is on 13th Sept) and in kindie (will tell about this in future post InsyaAllah)

I love both of them sooo much but they do sometimes (well, most of the time) drive me crazy.. When there was only Hazyq, i thought he was a handful but NOW with Hafiy, oh boyyy.. i think more hands are needed.. Hafiy is much more stubborn and temperamental than Hazyq.. Alhamdulillah Hazyq now is adapting quite well being a big brother so most of the time he will give in to his lil brother demands.. But its sooo cute seeing both of them playing together and seeing Hafiy tailing around & copying his brother's moves..

My doa is for them to grow up being a 'soleh', responsible, smart & obedient sons that will make both of us proud..

Happy belated birthday my dear darlings..
Abah & Ibu love you both sooo much!

Their birthday bash which was held on 5th December 2010 @ Subang Jaya

Thanx Sue for the lovely & delicious cake!
Thanx Nowwa for the impromptu choc class!
Love you gals!


SuE KasSiM said...

lama aku x masuk blog kau..
welcome...thank u for ordering babe..ameen to all ur dua..mudah2an anak2 kite akan membesar jadi anak2 yg soleh n solehah..amenn ya rabb..

et said...

esh kalau dekat.. bole order kat sue.. hu hu