Monday, March 28, 2011


Asal nak tulih kat blog ni jer mesti mengeluh lama sangat tak update kan so we skip the usual complaints k.. hehehe..

Speaking about blogging ni terpikir lak what is the main reason we blog?? Is it for our own reading pleasure or for others to read?

Do we write the topic because we want to or because we think people want to read or will find interesting?

Some might be pressured to write because they have many followers and so many things to share and some have blogs to chronological their travel or experiences..

How about in my case?
Hmmm... maybe for my own reading pleasure and for some of my friends to read (ada ke yg baca blog aku ni wehh..hahah

For whatever reason.. i heart blogging =)

P/s: InsyaAllah after this will try to make time for blogging