Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well.. its true.. i love to buy things from my own boutique.. Please pay attention to the word BUY coz i don't simply take things from it.. what i want, i pay ok (of course at a discounted price ;P)

Its part of the perks of owning your own shop with clothes that majority of it are hand-picked by you.. if you were me, you would have done the same.. dont deny it..hehehe

Before this I used to worry if i have nothing nice or pretty to wear when i go out or attend any functions.. well now i don't worry anymore.. hahaha

And best of all.. my hubby can't complain coz its better i spend my money at our shop rather than others. . Most of my friends, customers or relatives often asked if the clothes i wore came from the shop so hey, its free marketing & advertising =)

Hmm... now the only thing missing is shoes & sandals... i really need to get some for my shop so i can complete my outfits without going to look elsewhere.. InsyaAllah by end this year ok.. stay tune ya!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nak N8 gak..

Rata2 sume orang sibuk nak beli Blackberry & iPhone.. tapi entah ngape i ni masih lagi setia ngan Nokia.. mungkin dah terbiasa and rasanye nokia ni mmg user-friendly compared to other phones pastu my first phone was a nokia (banana phone.. ingat tak?) Member2 matriks i dulu mesti ingat sbb dulu phone tu umpama public phone bilik hostel kiteorg..heheh

So baru2 ni nokia ada keluarkan model baru yg mmg i sungguh teruja nak beli -> NOKIA N8

Antara sebab utama is the 12 megapixel camera.. For those doing online biz mcm i ni kamera ni mmg penting and since die ada apps utk edit pix/viedo and all so lagi la senang nak upload gambo baju or bag terus ke fb or website..

OK la.. malas nak citer panjang2 pasal phone ni sbb rasanye almost ari2 kuar iklan phone ni kat paper.. kalu nak tau further.. click sini ok..

Oh ya.. unlike BB or iPhone.. this one is more value for money and more affordable... sejak dah brenti kerja & biz sendiri ni.. i dah ikut jejak hubby dlm berhati2 memilih & membeli brg and to always remember that expensive doesn't always mean better quality.. Its how you use it thats important..

Sukati la kalu org nak kata i ni berkira sgt atau cikai ke ape.. duit i ok.. i tak suka berhutang so lagi baik beli brg yg tak mahal dgn cash dari beli benda yg mahal2 beribu tapi berhutang semata2 nak look good and for bragging rights.. excuse me.. credit card tu is still berhutang ya... insyaAllah in a few months, i'm heading towards paying off all my credit card debts (sib baik maintain satu credit card jer..kalu tak mau berkurun nak bayar balik..huhu)

Friday, November 12, 2010


In certain ways.. I am content...

Now I have time with my kids and my kids are quite secure & happy knowing that their mom spend most of the day at home.. They know that when they are sick or just cranky & needy that their mom will be there to nurse them back to health or just sit & watch them play.. My hubby is also happy coz he knows that I won't leave them to rush to work early in the morning and come back home late or have to work during weekends or public holidays.. For this I am content because my family is happy..

Don't get me wrong ya.. I am not a full-time housewife.. I have a maid to do some of the house chores & take care of the kids.. I have two stores at Bangi and two blogshops to manage.. For the stores, each have one full-time staff & one part-time staff and so far their are quite good at handling the stores so i don't have much problem with them..

For the blogshops, i manage them when i'm free which now is a bit tricky coz the kids are quite demanding of my time and i don't have the heart to work when they clearly want me to spend time with them.. InsyaAllah i'm trying to find a way to work around this situation..

My typical day now is usually like this:

- Ready breakfast for hubby & the boys
- Online to check/reply order, inquiry or comments
- Bathe & clothe the boys (they love the water so this will take some time..hehe)
- Feed the boys (which take quite some time too coz they will not sit still so the maid & I need to chase them or in some cases persuade them to eat)
- Play or watch tv with the kids

- Cook lunch/dinner
- Feed the boys lunch
- Put them to bed (which need some persuasion..huhu)and sometime take naps with them
- Get online to check email, comments, orders, etc
- Twice/Thrice a week went out to check on the store at Bangi or go out with my biz partner Nowwa since she's also self-employed like me so her time too is quite flexible
- If hubby comes home early so ready lunch or tea

- Ready dinner
- Bathe, clothe & feed the boys
- Have dinner together with hubby
- Play with the boys before getting them to bed
- Get online if have time
- Spend time with hubby watching tv, talking, etc =)

Hmmm... some of you might say my day is boring but to me I'm quite happy with it coz i have time for my kids, hubby and sometime i have time for myself.. i can go out anytime i want (but with hubby's permission of course).. pamper myself when i want to.. Take the boys here and there when i feel like it.. Go to my mom's or MIL anytime..

Oh yes.. my hubby is also self-employed so sometimes both of us do go out together when we feel like it.. so I am content =)