Thursday, September 2, 2010


That after resigning from my eight years of employment at PLUS, i would have ample time to update my blog... I thought so too but alas no such thing.. huhuh

My last day of resignation was 2nd July 2010 but this is the 1st post after resigning (exactly 2 months!)

The reason? Was very busy preparing for the opening of my 1st clothing boutique, PRETTY FLAIR BOUTIQUE which Alhamdulillah open it doors to public on 1st August 2010.. So many things to do from cleaning up the place after the renovation (which was done most by hubby.. thanx Yang!), taking stock and inventory and estimate pricing, finding staff, check hundreds of clothing for defect and iron steamed them, tag and pricing, not to mention rearrange them accordingly and so many more.. I never knew it was this difficult but yet very exhilarating and fun!

I never dream that one day I would be owning my own clothing boutique.. i think most of us ladies/girls have secretly wished that they have a boutique of their own with lots and lots of clothing that they can play dress-ups (which i love doing!)..

This would not have been possible without my dear hubby's never-ending support (and financing).. InsyaAllah, I'll try my best to make this biz a success ya while having time for you and the kids.. -Ameen-

Now my new journey begins as a work at home mom while managing my online biz and boutique.. wish me all the best ya.. so far i'm loving it!