Sunday, February 13, 2011

G'day Mate! Welcome to Perth!

Ingatkan i dah publish post ni.. rupenye still dlm draft.. camne boleh x sedor.. tu la jarang bukak blog ni.. padan muka kan.. huhu..


The last time pegi Aussie masa tu tengah 4 months pregnant with Hazyq.. Pegi berdua ngan hubby jer.. kirenye Babymoon la tu.. We went to Gold Coast and it was our first trip overseas together.. Actually this trip was a wedding gift from my parents as our honeymoon tp sbb masing2 busy so tangguh punye tangguh smp nak setahun.. Kalu tak pregnant time tu, ingat bole buat baby kat sana..hahaha..

This time around, our trip to Aussie lagi meriah sbb pegi ramai2 with my parents, siblings and nieces.. My parents decided on Perth (since my dad is the main sponsor for the trip so kena la ikut kan..heheh) Actually my cousin and her family was supposed to join this trip but due to unforeseen circumstances (they were duped by a travel agent friend who took their money but didnt make the necessary booking.. teruk kan?? jahat tul org tu!)

Although it was very hot over there coz it was summer (temp 38-40 degrees ok so mmg panas!) but we really enjoyed ourselves. My parents were very happy to have all their children and grandchildren with them. So to me, as long as they are happy..i am happy too =)

At first, when we heard that my parents planned for us to go to Perth, my main concern was for the kids coz they never traveled overseas on a plane before so we don't know what to expect during the five hour flight.. The verdict? It was quite okay with no major catastrophe and Hazyq especially loves the experience on the plane.. Hehhe.. so now after this boleh la travel overseas selalu.. hehhe

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